The cuisine of the Auberge

Local Catalan cuisine

The Auberge Catalane was founded in 1929 by Michel Tariscon, a Catalan-French native of Saint Cyprien on the Roussillon coast. From the beginning it has held the same name. Michel Tariscon specialized from the beginning in traditional Catalan cuisine and put on the table of his customers traditional “dishes” such as chicken catalan style.

He managed to attract people from all over France and, particularly in the sixties, actors, actresses, singers and celebrities came to stay and eat at the Auberge Catalane. It is said that during this period the heir to the throne of Thailand, then known as the Prince of Siam, spent two or three weeks a year at the Auberge to enjoy the cuisine of Monsieur Tariscon, who won recognition and even medals from the French Republic.

Now we, Isabel and Jordi, intend to maintain and pay homage to the soul, the character and the origins of the Auberge. Traditional Catalan cuisine made with quality ingredients and proximity and with the care and love with which our grandmothers did it. In the cellar you will only find wines from Catalan appellations of origin, either north or south.

Jordi Serrat Llorens
Isabel Pérez Roqueta